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Corona Virus Tournament Updates

Event participants, staff and spectators.


Cancelled as of 5.3.20

  • AAU Cincinatti Grand Prix

  • Beach Blast April 4-5

  • Cottontail Clash April 11-12

  • Deerfield Grand Prix April 18-19

  • Rocky Mountain Grand Prix April 25-26

  • AAU Adult Nationals May 2-3

  • South Florida Super Regional May 15-16

  • Ft. Meyers Grand Prix May 16-17

  • MAPL


  • Sunshine State Volleyball Championships June 13-14

  • March Madness - Now May Madness May 30-31

Unless stated, our events are proceeding or have been rescheduled, accept for those noted above. check each tournament page for updates

Your safety is of upmost concern to us and we therefore continue to monitor the situation carefully. 

We rely on the CDC, local and national health agencies, and participating venues for future decisions and will keep you informed of any changes. 


Precautions being taken at the event:

·        Floors mopped prior to event start

·        Scoring tables wiped prior to event start

·        Game balls will be spray sanitized

·        Wipes will be provided at scoring tables

·        Facilities cleaned as usual


Team preparation. We are asking the teams to do the following:

  • Spray sanitize your balls

  • Officiating players should have their own whistle and they should clean it before each use

  • Players need to be conscious of their hands: high gives, team huddles and timeouts

  • During substitutions, players should not touch hands

  • If a player or parent has a fever or is suspected of being ill, they should stay home.

  • Pick up and dispose of your drink bottles. Do not leave those at the bench (other people must pick up your litter and run risk of infection)

  • Wash your hands throughout the day and certainly before you eat or drink

  • Avoid touching mouth and eyes

  • Cover your  cough or sneeze

Spectator preparation

  • Please bring wipes and wipe down chair before use

  • Frequent hand washing

  • Cover your cough or sneeze

  • Refrain from hugging and contact when not necessary

  • If you are feeling ill or feverish stay home.

Please note, at this time the virus has affected primarily individuals in the high-risk categories (over 65 years of age and/or with compromised health conditions, previous bronchial issues, previous serious illness). Therefore, the only recommendations are for those who may fit in this compromised category to consider staying home)


Game protocol changes.   

  • Pre-match hand-shake protocol will be eliminated.  We will just have the teams line up to start the match when the ref waves them on to the court. Teams can get in their starting spots and then wave good luck to the other team or make a verbal good luck and then we will continue with play.

  • Post-game protocol will be at the conclusion of the match, the First Referee will send teams, players and coaches to the end lines.  The R1 will then beckon them to proceed to their respective ATTACK lines (not centerline) to exchange greetings and congratulations from there.


Use this link code to access the CDC website for information.




We look forward to a fun, safe event



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