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Q    Will the tournament procedures change due to the Corona Virus?

A    We encourage participants to use standard safety measures such as washing hands, distancing when allowable, stay home if you are running a temperature or feeling ill. 


Q    Are wristbands mandatory?

A    Yes they are. No one will be admitted to the playing area without one.

      Players and coaches will be provided with credentials.


Q    Are wristbands available for purchase at all event venues?

A    Tickets will only be available online. Please see the "Spectator" link in the menu to purchase.

       ADULT  & CHILDREN  3 & up must purchase an adult pass. 2yrs.  & under FREE 

Q    How do I check in when I get to the Venue?

A    Once you purchased your ticket online you will receive an email. The email will provide you a

      QR code. You should have a unique code for each day of the tournament. Present the code          at the check-in table. You will be scanned and provided a wristband for the day. Be sure to              buy a wristband for each of the days in the event. You should have a separate email for each        day that contains your QR code for that day.  Or a special colored band when purchasing a            "Full Event". Please do not discard the full event wristband as it is needed each day of the             event.


Q    May I go and return and/or move from one venue to another ?

A    Yes you may. The same wristband is good for the entire weekend and at any venue.

Q    Can I attach my wristband to my purse, backpack, etc.?

A    NO. You must securely fasten the wristband around your wrist. We use the same tyvek

      material used by waterparks so you can wear them in the water, shower, etc. without

      damaging them. Our Security Personnel will not allow you to enter the playing area

      unless the wristband is securely fastened around your wrist. Periodically, security personnel       and tournament staff will do  visual checks, Anyone not wearing a wristband or proper  

      credentials will have to leave the playing area.    



Q    May I purchase food or beverages and bring them into the Venue?

A    NO. You are welcome to eat whatever you choose. However any food and

      beverage purchased from anyone other than the onsite concession vendor MUST

      NOT be  brought into the building. Water will be allowed in the playing area. 


     In the event a venue does not have an onsite concession vendor it will be noted on the

     event website and all participating club directors will receive notification.

     Anyone discovered eating outside food or beverages in the building will be asked to

     leave the building and may or may not be allowed to return.



Q    How do I find out whether or not seating is provided.

A    Outside seating will not be allowed into the playing venues.


Q    How do I find out the event hours?

A    The hours will be posted on AES normally the Wednesday prior

      to the Event.

      Sunday play schedule will be posted on AES at the conclusion of play on Saturday.



Q    Where can I get directions to the Event Venues?

A    Addresses and links to get directions to Venues will be found in the EVENT | VENUE section of the Website 



Q    Where can I find the schedule for playing times and locations

A     Specific times and locations are posted on AES (Advanced Playing Systems).

       Normally the Wednesday prior to the event. Locations and wave information

       will be on AES and on the website as soon as team registration and Division

       sizes are finalized.



Q    Where can I get information regarding Hotels?

A    Click on Hotel's from the sidebar menu. It will direct you to hotel booking.



Q    Is there Tournament specific apparel available?

A    Tournament T Shirts, Sweatshirts, etc. will be available for purchase at all venues

      on Saturday and at select locations on Sunday.


Q    Is videotaping allowed at the event?

A    Yes it is but only with hand held devices.  Due to safety, traffic flow, and spectator

    viewing concerns NO Tripods or Stands of any type will be permitted.


Sindee: 407.466.9009

Yvonne: 407.466.9239

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March 25-26,2023


York Expo Arena

Memorial Hall West

334 Carlisle Avenue

York, PA 17404


Thre will not be any waivers of any kind accepted at this event. Please make sure you Club Code is linked to your team. This is the way to track your results. 

All coaches must have completed the USA Safe Sport and a JVA background check.