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Please be aware that there are volleyballs traveling at a high rate of speed and players running after balls.  As with any athletic event, you are responsible for being alert and aware at all times to help prevent accidents and injury.  Event promoters are not liable for any injuries that occur due to the activity during the event.


There is ample FREE Parking at the Expo Center and Memorial Hall West.These two venues are located in the same Fair grounds.


Concessions for the tournament are available on-site. No outside food or drink is allowed in the gym playing area. Only water bottles will be allowed and ask they be in non-spill containers.  Any coolers and food bags will not be allowed in the playing area but may stored and consumed in the hallways adjacent the gym. This policy is in place to keep the playing areas clear of spills and debris. 


Seating is provided for spectators. If you choose to bring a chair, please keep clear of walk-ways, doors, fire exits and laying areas. They should be removed following your match to allow other spectators to watch the next match. Players should not use courtside seats when they are not playing, these are for spectators

Trash receptacles are located throughout the facility. We ask that spectators please dispose of their used items and players also dispose of their trash left around benches following matches. This not only makes the environment more pleasant it is a great way to prevent injury. 


We encourage you to visit the Expo Center’s website for any additional information.



All tickets will need to be purchased online for this event. Upon purchase you will be emailed a QR code which you will present at the entrance to the event. The QR code will be scanned at the door and a wristband provided. Wristbands must be worn,  it is mandatory for admittance to the playing areas.  Wristbands must be securely fastened and worn on your wrist!  Wristbands may not be carried or attached to handbags, purses, backpacks, etc.  We use the same type of wristbands as water parks (Tyvek) so they may be worn in the pool or shower.  Anyone found not wearing a wristband will have to exit the playing area.

A unique color will be provided each day if purchasing a day pass. A separate color will be provided to those purchasing an event pass. If you purchase an event pass, please do not remove it. This wristband gains you admittance for the duration of the event. 



Tickets will only be available online. No cash sales at the door.  

ADULT  & CHILDREN  4 & up must purchase an adult pass


Sindee: 407.466.9009

Yvonne: 407.466.9239


March 29 - 30, 2025


York Expo Arena

Memorial Hall West

334 Carlisle Avenue

York, PA 17404


Thre will not be any waivers of any kind accepted at this event. Please make sure you Club Code is linked to your team. This is the way to track your results. 

All coaches must have completed the USA Safe Sport and a JVA background check. 


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