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Our sport floor tiles are modular and can be configured to fit into various shapes and rooms sizes.  Portable sport flooring comes in compromised of 4’x4’ modular sheets . Each sheet consists of square tiles approximatley  1' x 1'.   These sheets snap together to form a court surface while vinyl floor tape is used to mark court boundaries and markings. .  Installation requires no  messy adhesives,  tools, or lengthy floor preparation. They can be configured  for multiple sports such as  volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, and numerous other sporting events.   No special skills or tools are needed to install courts, so whether you  choose to have us install it or do-it-yourself this flooring is hassle-free.


Flooring and equipment

Whether you are in need of one court or two hundred,  we will provide the flooring and services you need to make your event a success.  Depending on your sport we include: Floor, underlayment, nets, poles, antennas, court numbers, court dividers flipcharts, ref stands, pads, plates, and court tape.


Why choose sport flooring
Modular sport  flooring allows you to create safe playing surfaces for most any size venue.  This  flooring is:  tough,  inexpensive,  reqiures virtually no maintenance,  won't be damaged by water or moisture and  is easy to assemble.  It becomes the sensible choice for all your multi-purpose flooring needs.


Contact us to see how we can help with.  We also offer previously used courts for sale. 

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